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the mozzbox

holographic magic


Awarded in a magic contest, performed in the biggest magic festival in Europe, The “MOZZ BOX” plunges you into the heart of digital magic.
Its goal is to produce exceptional content that goes beyond
your imagination.
Augmented magic: it's the hand theater of the future! A scholar
mix of conjuring and digital technology at the service
entertainment, dreams but also communication.
Doctor MOZZ sets up a revolutionary magic where all the effects
magic are "augmented" with "holographic" animations.
Disappearance of real objects into digital particles, transformation
from digital logo to real logo ...
Digital magic 3.0!


announcer - warm up man - Master of ceremony


More than a new show tool, a new discipline invented by Doctor MoZz: THE SOUND SNIPER

It is an ultra fast sound remote control system with a capacity of 500 sounds, sound effects, jingles.

He is a crazy artist who masters his instrument to improvise and who can on demand or according to his desire transform the atmosphere in a few seconds:

"One word and you are at the water's edge in the Caribbean , in the middle of the desert, at the top of a mountain or at the top of a pyramid ... To each spectator his own sound universe, his music, for each situation its jingle, its sound effects and for important announcements: a TV jingle, a station announcement, a special flash ... "


It makes people laugh, surprises, announces, sums up, rhythm, refreshes and warms up your event, your show, your evening, your plenary .


The SOUND SNIPER is available in 3 different performances:

- The ANNOUNCER of THE MODERN AGE (welcoming guests) max duration: 45min

- THE WARM UP MAN max duration 30min



visual comic act


A visual comic number between clown and cartoon!

L'Isotaupe, character inspired by the Italian cartoon "L'ALINEA" will take you into his quirky universe.


the star hunter


SYRIUS is an international futuristic visual act, an explosion of
lights and lasers!

Welcome to the world of high technology!
Enter the new era of visual performance, magic at
based on domesticated laser beams.

This is the new generation of light performance!


New and original, gigantic and realistic, the RM3.0 robot will surely be able to impress your guests. His show is a mixture of laughter and emotions against a background of reflection on artificial intelligence.

A real camera magnet, it will leave an unforgettable memory
at all ages.

In autonomous mode, the RM3.0 speaks, hears, interacts with the public in a free and improvised way!